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One-on-one Mentoring

One-on-one Mentoring pairs one mentor (adult) with one mentee (youth) who is in need of a caring adult. It allows for the two to develop a personal relationship in which the mentor is able to provide individual guidance and support to the mentee. It is individualized care for the student that helps by activating their potential by celebrating their talents. And empowers them to improve their own life, achieve their goals, and help others.

The program requires that mentors be caring and have a desire to make “All Kids Count.”  Adult mentors and youth mentees are “matched” and asked to spend at least 4 hours a month together building a healthy relationship.  Activities can include playing sports together, going on a hike, reading books, building crafts, eating pizza with extra cheese, or just talking and giving some advice and inspiration. Matches can enjoy activities together based on their interests. A Mentor doesn’t need any special skills or training — just a positive attitude and the desire to help one child achieve their potential. Our conviction is that the parent’s/guardian’s role in a child’s development is indispensable, and we do not wish to undermine it. The team consisting of the parent/guardian, the program, and the mentor can almost certainly have a beneficial effect on a child; as we work together to create best opportunities for the child’s well-being.

Mentors are trained by BCMI staff on effective practices of mentoring and are screened carefully for personal stability and moral integrity. They also complete a CORI and background check

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