Modeling for our youth the fruit of good character .


Facilitated by Brockton Christian Mentoring Initiative (BCMI), Mentors from a Brockton church will partner with a Brockton Middle School in a church-school partnership to provide mentoring programs for students.

BCMI staff will recruit, train and supervise the mentors and the principle and school guidance counselor will identify 7th grade students in need of a caring adult mentor for academic and social help for each group. Mentors will complete a 4hr training by BCMI staff on effective practices of mentoring to help build impactful relationships with students that will result in changes in attitude and behavior as well as academic performance.

Our group mentoring consists of equal number of adults to students; each student is matched in a one-on-one relationship with an adult within the group. This enables youth to form positive relationships with both peers and nonparent adults. In addition to facilitating new peer friendships that increases the youth’s self-esteem it also exposes them to more caring adults in the group, which can influence positive choices.

The group begins with four team building meetings the first month the group starts. The mentors and their matched mentees will meet twice monthly- once per month with the entire group, and once per month one-on-one. The program session starts in 7th grade and will formally conclude when students are completing 8th grade.

During the monthly group meetings we discuss relevant topics to help them become contributing members of their community and improve their attitudes towards School. We work on building life skills that equips students to master key interpersonal skills that prepares them to excel engaging with peers and adults. Lessons in confidence, community and coping skills will equip them with better people skills that will help them navigate life successfully. We engage the students in positive character developments; topics include but are not limited to: choice, courage, honesty, responsibility, self-control and self awareness

Group mentoring time

  • Creative game – enforces the lesson of the day through the use of game strategies that will be more accessible and engaging.
  • Dinner – Eating together helps the group build a sense of community and family
  • Grow together – mentors and mentees engage in topics that will equip students to master life skills and develop positive character traits
  • Connect – This is a relaxing time for each mentor/mentee match within the group to connect individually on a few of the things that have happened in their lives since the last time they were together.